Full Version: Crystal Tower Quests
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Must complete "The Ultimate Weapon" story quest before starting this.
Updated to world of darkness unlock.
Goes to end now.
Thanks again Latty!
Is this updated?
(09-11-2015, 02:20 AM)Latty79 Wrote: [ -> ]Goes to end now.

Hi Latty, Thank you for all your work on these files, I know we all appreciate it.  I'm unsure if you are interested in updating these files, but if you are here is the problem I ran into and a workaround for anyone who experiences the same.

The script begins and it picks up the first quest, "Legacy of Allag", goes to talk to Rammbroes, then ports into Outer La Noscea.  After it ports in, it sets the evac point and then the console spams "path check failed"  At first I thought it was because the Fate "Stopping the Shakes" wasn't currently up, so I waited until it was and restarted the script.  The same console spam occurred "path check failed".  I manually completed the fate and continued.  The script then took me to the location of "Making Waves", the next FATE in the series.  My character arrived at the FATE, which was active, and stood there; It didn't Level Sync.  I paused the script and completed the FATE manually.  Upon restarting the script, it continued the progression back to Rammbroes.

At the next FATE, "He's a Firestarter", a similar problem occurred; my character arrived at the, did not level sync, and walked back and forth.  I paused the script, manually did a level sync and stated the script again.  My character continued to pace. I completed this FATE manually.  I also completed the 4th FATE manually.

Upon FATE completion, I started the script again and it continued until the quest "Labyrinth of the Ancients" When my character ported back into Mor Dhona during this quest, the "path check failed" started spamming again rather than poping up with the "You need to do the duty" box.  After I complete the duty I'll continue with any notes on this thread.

Once again, thank you very much Latty!
The script completed without incident.