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Unlike my previous attempt. It can be said i fully returned to FFXIV and crafting this time. I noticed the profiles out currently are not bad. Not amazing but they do the job. If anyone has a request for a niche to be filled then let me know. Please post your stats, the crafts you want to do with it and so forth. If enough people request profiles for minimum stat 3 star items i could do so. But it still wont have 100% quality rating and will require hq materials
I'm at 1300 control/ 1255 craftsmanship, trying to go up on gear, already bought the whole iLv 340 set, excluding primary and secondary tools, got all the jobs maxed, need something to help me craft 290 tools and collectibles for now, to meld up maybe get the Scrip tool to start my crafting endgame xD.

thank you
For collectables that should work - depending on your CP. May you add your Cp here, too.
Oh if that thread doesnt solve it just lemme know and ill make you up something. :)
(08-30-2018, 08:41 PM)Zanci Wrote: [ -> ]For collectables that should work - depending on your CP. May you add your Cp here, too.

this seems great, but the issue is my CP still at 395, I'm usingĀ Patient Touch rotation, going with RNG approach, it is serving the purpose, but can't really say I can depend on it
whats your other stats, craftsmanship and control
(09-04-2018, 08:53 PM)geneticdoom Wrote: [ -> ]whats your other stats, craftsmanship and control

1300 control/ 1255 craftsmanship for all the crafts excluding WVR, a friend made me the tools, at 1590 craftsmanship/1470 control, but cp still 395 for allĀ 
i can make something. can u use the tempura platters from npc for food? i can make you something right now if you want
basically aim for about 430 cp
436 cp food profile. 395 base

436 cp if you can get that with food. ye nq tempura gives 43 cp so buy some from kugane culinary npc
Sure thanks a lot, will use it in 72 hours, got suspended, guess I went hard on the crystals
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