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[Image: wOiu6Zh.jpg]
Switch is a scheduler add-on.

It which allows the user to switch Mode, Class, Profile and other various settings based on time and conditions.

**All time is Real Time not game time**

.[Image: uQ6zZiH.png]

Allows a window of activation.
Can add conditions such as item counts, Gil counts and Current map id.

[Image: 5o2rk4W.png][Image: CrnN4Sm.png][Image: iieHjg1.png]

Modes, Profiles and Classes can all be changed.
Has a UI alert when Gearset info has not been set.

Allows Hacks, Cordials, Manuals and other settings to be changed.

** Private add-on settings are not current supported **

Released in store
pretty useful, wish it interacted with other devs addons
Its early days yet.
I haven't had any requests for it besides forager.
Sorry in advance if the question should be posted elsewhere and not here or if it is a kinda stupid question but:

What is the difference between Switch add-on and the new one in the Store named Taskmanager?

Again sorry if it is a dump question i just can't understand from the description.
Taskmanager will do tasks listed in a profile.
Tasks like the atma book kills and fates

Switch will allow those profiles to be changed, modes and classes to be swapped.

Its basicly a mini scheduler

Check out the Demo Video if you wanna see how it works
The Key Point of this great Extension is:

If your in Gold Saucer and going away from keyboard for a couple of hours and your char is doing mini games,
then someone could flag you as a bot, because you stay a lot of time at the same spot.

Switch is what the name says, it switches your tasks. (Like you can see in the youtube video above this post.)

Lets say you wanna "farm" MGP about 1 hour, than go fishing 2 hours, and so on.

You have in this case a flow in your movement and less chance someone will flag you as botting.

This way your char looks more legit (natural), doing the things.
Thank you Sebbs for the fast response and the clarification!

And thanks marcuswoy too! Yeah i thought as much and tbh i bought it right away when i saw it for mostly the reason you posted! :)

But then i saw Taskmanager addon and i thought it was something similar but Sebbs clarified it great!

I think i can mix both and minimize the chance of getting reported greatly now!

Thanks Sebbs for this cool addon and also the MMOMINIONTeam in general for their latest addons, like Revolt from Bottox!
Is this able to interact with other add-ons? For example, could I use it to run the Bottox dailies for ARR, HS, etc, with a bit of gathering or grinding in between them?
Bottox team is yet to add a function for switch to interact with.

It can use any bit more such as forager, crafting etc.
Bottox have said they will make stuff like revolt usable with it tho.
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