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    What is GW2Minion?

    GW2Minion is the most amazing Bot for Guild Wars 2(tm). Our GW2 Bot is also the safest out there! It comes not only with first class support and a very friendly community, but also with a variety of different Assist-Tools and Functions.
    MMOMinion.com is in no way affiliated with the publishers of Guild Wars 2(tm).

    How to Purchase?

    Simply visit our Purchase Products page and select the Product as well as the Subscription time you prefer. PayPal is the only automated payment option at this time. If you would like to use an alternative, we have set up an account with CashSender.com.

    How do Keycodes work?

    After your purchase, you will receive a keycode in your e-mail that is associated with your PayPal Account. Visit your User Control Panel and apply the code. Keycode time only starts once you active the keycode. During the time that your keycode is active you will have access to the download of the Product and login servers.

    How to Download?

    After you've entered your GW2Minion Keycode you will be able to use the download link in the User Control Panel next to your active keycode.

    How to Install?

    Once you've downloaded the installer, copy it into an empty Folder and simply run it. For your security, you are encouraged to change the default folder name and NEVER install it inside the Game folder. After the installer is finished you are done. All additional security options and configuration are handled by the Launcher.

    How to Set Up GWMinion?

    For information about how to set it up and how it works in general, visit our HELP & SUPPORT CENTER

    How to get Support?

    Please use our Help & Support Center. Here you will have access do the Documentation and Support FAQ. of RiftMinion. You are also able to request personal support by creating a Help Ticket. This gives you a direct conversation with all administrators. Other users cannot view your tickets so information regarding your account, remote viewing info, etc are secure.

    Features of GW2Minion

    • Fully Automated Fighting and Grinding, totally randomized, human like behavior to avoid any any kind of detection.
    • Groupbotting with crowdlike movement and behavior
    • Harvesting of all kinds of Resources, automated Item-Selling, Item-Repairing of your equipment and a lot more.
    • Auto-Salvages Items, Deposits crafting materials into your bank/collectable stash.
    • Full integrated 2D and 3D Radar / HUD / ESP
    • Highly advanced Navigation System with ingame 3D Navpoint Editor
    • Automatic Waypoint, Point of Interes etc. discovery, Heartquests and Events
    • Full Background and Multiclient Support with our own MultiClientLauncher!
    • Lovely ingame GUI, Radar and other helping visualizations
    • A varity of free Assist Tools and Combat Helper for PvE and PVP
    • Open LUA API, for individual coding and advanced customization
    • Easy installation and Setup!
    • Probably the best Support you have ever seen (Get indivudual Help in our Live Chat, Ticket System or Forum) :)
    • Lowest Update Time of all bots our there - GW2 Updates are usually done in less than 30min
    • Complete integrated 3D Radar for Items, Enemies and other things (Wallhack-like!)
    • Highly advanced build in security system to keep your accounts save
    • A lot more features that users want are getting implemented or even coded by other users in our forum and community

    Please read the Forum in order to find out what are the current features and what is going to get added in the next days/weeks :)

    The Powerful-High-Quality Navigation System:

    The next evolution of navigation arrives soon, dynamic avoidance of obstacles / champions / stuck points etc:

    Ingame Radar:

    We help you win the game.

    ESO Bot, FFXIV Bot, Wildstar Bot, GW2 Bot.


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