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MINIONAPP - Update - fxfire - 12-21-2017

We (finally Pig ) updated our MINIONAPP.
[Image: 2utorc1.png]

What changed ?
  • All Keycodes / Subscriptions can now be bought from within the MinionApp.
  • You can now purchase multiple items at once, just add them to your cart and checkout.
  • You have access to your whole order history and can follow the payment process in there.
  • New payment methods have been added as well.
Please report any bugs you find here, so we can fix them ThumbsUp

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - jackeljas - 12-21-2017

after buying add-ons the main app will not attach anymore

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - 뿌드덕 - 12-22-2017

If payment fails in order, the payment method screen disappears from the minion app. This problem
It may be only for me T,.T

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - fxfire - 12-22-2017

buying addons has nothing to do with the bot not attaching anymore. -> (antivirus in 99% of the cases!)

the payment method disappears for a reason, that you don't SPAM it. You need to make a new order IF YOU ARE SURE THAT THE OLD ORDER FINALLY FAILED.


RE: MINIONAPP - Update - Mech - 12-22-2017

[Image: viewer.php?id=305810Sanstitre.png] 1ste time that i recieve this message, what is this?

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - fxfire - 12-22-2017

linke paste fail ..

try again pls.

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - Mech - 12-22-2017

(12-22-2017, 08:59 PM)fxfire Wrote:  linke paste fail ..

try again pls.

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - fxfire - 12-23-2017

this is to prevent u guys from getting banned, just read the "news" right below this one, I explained it there.

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - MAJMoto - 12-25-2017

I like the new crafting columns