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MINIONAPP - Update - fxfire - 06-19-2018

It was 'that' time of the year again, when MS decided to update their 'Microsoft Defender', resulting in you guys having trouble to update / download / start our tools.
We just pushed out a new version that fixed that in our internal tests. I hope it stays that way Pig

If you use any other 3rd party antivirus software, it can happen that you now have to re-whitelist the folder/file(s), because they changed.

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - Neo Geo - 08-12-2018

I am a tad confused my defender is saying a Trojan has been found on minion and my main computer has stopped working.

RE: MINIONAPP - Update - Neo Geo - 08-12-2018

I am using my laptop now and minion wont update.