Full Version: Trial / Demo modes ?
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Absolutely, Sounds great!
a demo/test mode would be awesome!
I would prefer a trial like for 24 hours. Thumbs up.
That would be awesome.

I don't buy many addons because I'm scared of being disapointed, and thus, wasting my money for something I will eventually not use. Even though in most cases, the explanations of what the addon does are well-written.
Yes, though it should be up to the developer of each addon whether or not they enable this functionality.
Some addons are more "Trial-friendly" than others. It makes sense for an FFXIV ACR for example to test out the combat capabilities, but less so for something like FFXIV Scenery where somebody could potentially use the trial to get the few things they need and then never bother actually buying it.
make a compromise between time trial with limited options
I think something like a timed (2 hour) trial would be beneficial in some instances; and have this be a one time trial thing so it cannot be abused.
A trial/demo mode definitely might lead me to purchasing more addons.
yes great
yes please!
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