Full Version: GUI Update & FFXIV Navigation Update
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Thank you again Fx for the ImGUI update <3

I know there are issues that still have to be ironed out, but I think it will be worth it in the end to have the updated features.
THE GUI language not work in new GUI
Something is wrong with the built-in auto level grind mode since the update. After doing the hunting log, the character comes back to grind outside of ul'dah on level 3 mobs from at for levels 1-13 at least. Have tested on 2 different toons with the latest updates.


Reply by sebbs.

If you change it then it will do that.
Without any info to look at, like the info in the report tab requests, we cant even check anything.
mining koppranickel sand, the bot just runs into the mountain and keeps doing it. set the bot out while i was at work hoping to come back to a ton of those mats and it would not gather. please fix this, i paid for that gathering pack.