Full Version: The Time Machine
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Sounds really interesting! Win win! We have Pc’s running anyway so why not :)
If someone doesn't want his pc to be used for currency mining, that means he is out of mmominion?
Can we mine outside of minion with for example a second GPU?
You can just deinstall it. You're not forced to use it.

So where is this Time Machine meant to show up? I can't find it in-game for FFXIV at least. Post says "Minion Button -> Game -> Time Machine" but there's no Time Machine option in the list.
I meant what if this becomes the only payment method required in the future? users have no say in this? what If I just want to pay a one time fee?
I don't see anything about this becoming the only payment option. Just seems to be an alternative.
This becoming the only option to pay for Minion is just wild speculation unless you know something I don't.
Will this functionality require the bot to be attached to a client or will it simply depend on the launcher being open?
Expect Expect Expect Expect
- You don't have to mine, its optional.
- So far we don't plan to change payment options, so its just an additional way of paying
- Currently we will be mining XMR, if you want to mine with any other miner it should work (as long as its up to date with the coin algo). We will post details on how to mine for your minion account if testing is successfull
- The miner is integrated in the bot , so the launcher can be closed.
Is it possible to mine on a spare computer not attached to the game?
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