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This is the FFXIVMinion bot status thread. We will post about bot updates due to gamepatches here.
The FFXIVMinion_Gui_Launcher.exe was updated. It now uses Accounts.xml for the accounts list, and Settings.xml for the settings. You can edit them manually or use the launcher GUI to do it for you.
FFXIV minion bot is currently being updated. Will post here when the bot is ready.
FFXIV is updated for the 19/8/2014 patch

We will be switching the release version to 1.5 on Monday August 25th.

If you haven't already tried the beta , please have a look at the tutorials here
01.10 update complete
Duties and ClickToTravel/Teleport should both be working now.
Updated for Nov 6 patch
Click To Teleport should be working again
Update complete for Dec 18 2014 patch
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