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FFXIVMinion is the best Bot and Assist Tool for FINAL FANTASY XIV ™
We have the highest quality and newest technology, putting you ahead of everyone else.


100% Automated

Automated Questing, Crafting, Grinding, Gathering, Fishing, Duties, Hunt, PvP and a lot more!

Assistive Technology

Minimize the Button-Smashing. You Enjoy the Game, FFXIVMinion does the rest, LazyMode!

Strong Community

We are very proud on our friendly and helpful Minon Community.

Integrated Software

Our Software is fully integrated into the Game. Runs in the Background or fully Minimized.

High Security

Keeping your Account safe, with the latest technology and Humanlike behavior.

Excellent Support

Contact us through our Help & SupportCenter or in our IRC-Live-Chat.

Multi-Box Capable

Run as many Game Instances as your computer can handle, our software makes it possible.

Fastest Updates

We update our Software within hours after a Gameupdate. If it should take us longer, we'll refund the lost Subscruption Time.


Our Software comes in multiple Languages.

New Features

We stay ahead of the Competition, constantly adding Functionality and Features you want.

Open API

You are a Developer or just like to script and code? With our API you can even write your own Bot.

Developer Store

3rd Party Developers can offer their own Addons to all Minions through our own Store.

Core Functions

Store Addons

FFXIVMinion extensions provided by independent Developers.
One-Click-Installation from within the MinionApp.

These are just some of many addons available in the store.
Some store addons are Free of charge, others have to be purchased separately.

Is that all? - Ofcourse Not!

Works with DirectX 11 and 64bit
Intelligent Combat Movement with AOE Evade
Fully Integrated 2D / 3D Radar
Automated Companion Summoning
Automatically Equips Best Items
Automated Stealth
Fleeing on low HP
Eats Food for XP Bonus
Disable Rendering Option to Improve your FPS
Custom SkillManager Profiles
And Much More!

Next-Gen Navigation

Completely Free 3D Movement

Our Bots move completely free through the GameWorld on our Minion Navigation Meshes. You'll look like a normal Player.

Central Application

MinionApp - All in One

A Modern Launcher, Installer and Updater in one single Tool. Manage All your Bots and Games in a central Application.

Minion Forum

Be Part of the Minion Community

Get Help, Share your Thoughts, Meet other Minions.

Minion WIKI

Answers to your Questions

Detailed Installation Instructions, Tutorials, How to Use Guides and More.

Pricing Table

If you want to make Money, you gotta Invest!

  • FFXIVMinion
  • MinionApp
  • Minion Membership
  • Forum & WIKI Access
30 Days
  • FFXIVMinion
  • MinionApp
  • Minion Membership
  • Forum & WIKI Access
  • Help & Support
90 Days
  • FFXIVMinion
  • MinionApp
  • Minion Membership
  • Forum & WIKI Access
  • Help & Support
180 Days
  • FFXIVMinion
  • MinionApp
  • Minion Membership
  • Forum & WIKI Access
  • Help & Support

* The shown Prices may differ from the actual current Prices due to Events, Special Promotions or similar.