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Minionapp - ASIA REGION - Update - Powder - 05-27-2016

We switched servers and it seems not all DNS are having the new server IP. You will notice that when you cannot login / cannot start any bots in minionapp.
Options how to solve it:
A) Set your Region in Minionapp to EUNA, restart minionapp:
[Image: t8RwewV.png]

B) If you are using Google DNS, you just need to flush your local cache:
[Image: 3U6aLFa.png?1]

C) Wait until your DNS is automatically updating our server IP...this can take from 5min to 48hours...

- We changed our Asia - Region - Server, for everyone who had trouble with loosing connections / closing bots in the past 7 days, you can set your MinionApp again to the Asia Region Setting, it should work now.
- Minionlauncher.exe got updated, you are now able to run 100+ ffxiv instances on one computer, without the former launching problems Superman

Please reply here if everything runs good and stable again or if there are any problems with it!


RE: Minionapp - ASIA REGION - Update - Poopy diapers - 06-01-2016

Concerning the +100 ffxiv instances, does this require the multibox tab to work or are we talking single windowed instances?


RE: Minionapp - ASIA REGION - Update - Powder - 06-01-2016

as many singles as your pc can handle

RE: Minionapp - ASIA REGION - Update - Rhubarber - 06-03-2016

MinionApp is awesome, thanks for al the continual work you put into it! :D