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RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - bestpotatoau - 07-26-2019

Why HM's trusts?

Well, HM's trusts run flawlessly with its own custom evade logic. - 2 characters from 71 to 80 and only ONE death.
It is has a wonderfully simple GUI that even my cat could run.
Its cost is low whilst still being able to maximize profit be it from minions, GC seals, tomes.
The support team is great and reliably fast.

Get on it.

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - aurit - 07-26-2019

click button get levels.

This is peak minion.

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - Subesan - 07-26-2019

If you are on the fence about HM trust or Revolt.
Take HM trust.
Levels, Seals, Pets. Works with every class high success rate with them all. Quarter of the price.

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - Spyder173 - 07-26-2019

This addon is similiar to Revolt, except that it does the combat a lot better, and the job manager is AMAZING. Nothing is worst than leveling a job and it hits 80 overnight, and you wasted like 5 hours of grinding  when you could have switched over to another job. Not only that but HM is an amazing dude, and he deserves to be supported. He always helps resolve problems as fast as possible. toss this dude your money!

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - timelody - 07-26-2019

Trusts is an outstanding, fully functional, and reliable Addon! It has been pivotal to me enjoying the new xpak allowing me to take every job I play to the ma level safely, with minimal effort or set up. HM is a talented developer, one our community is very fortunate to have with us! Thank you HM!

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - culio50x - 07-27-2019

This is an amazing addon, I have leveled almost all my classes with this. Overall this is way faster than revolt because it has own logic to avoid aoe/mechanics unlike revolt which just follows npcs around which causes you to wipe over and over on bosses and even trash mobs. Buy this addon, its worth every penny, you wont regret it! Fastest and safest way to level your classes 71 to 80! Try the trial for yourselves and see how good it is!

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - idrops - 07-27-2019

A+++++ 100% as described Works awesome!!!!!

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - cosmos - 07-27-2019

A+++ Works like a charm .Thank you

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - Dark Desire - 07-27-2019

I've been riding this addon like a bitch for a week and there's not much to say except that it does exactly what it's supposed to. No wipes, no glitches, fast and easy way to grind 71-80. Now stop reading this and give Hus your money. DO IT!

RE: [FFXIV] - Husbando Max's Trusts - Exarch - 07-27-2019

This addon is solid works for every class and very few hitches. Husbando put a lot of time into this one and it really shows. Worth every penny!