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NPC Spammer (4.0 Early Access Main Story NPC Bottleneck)
[Image: UzOHUbf.png]

[Image: uDWHGEe.png]

I originally made an AutoHotKey script to spam the NPCs, but now that Minion is back up I made a module to go even faster and spam those NPCs blocking our path.

It's relatively simple to use, ESC is the toggle to pause and unpause, also there is a GUI button on screen if you would prefer that. I have it open by default, if you want to have it closed by default then change open to "false".

[Image: 351FwXf.png]

If you need to add more NPCs to target, add them here:

[Image: wpG4Dwh.png]

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.zip   NPCSpammer (Size: 88.68 KB / Downloads: 135)
You're a god dam hero.
Thanks man!
Thanks for this!
Amazing, such a shame even after 30 minutes of running this I still can't get in haha. SE PLZ
What's the purpose spamming the NPC ? Advantages?
(06-17-2017, 11:53 PM)marcuswoy Wrote:  What's the purpose spamming the NPC ? Advantages?

so you don't have to manually talk to the NPC yourself and navigate the menus each time it fails to enter an instance.
Thank u
How do you run this?

Edit: Nevermind, I found the button.
Has anyone managed to get through this as a result of using this tool? if so how long was your wait?

It'd be nice to gather some data to establish an average.

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