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New updating system for MinionApp
Greetings Minions.

A new MinionApp update has been release which will use the new update system and CDN (content delivery network) for file downloading which will speed things up drastically.

The initial run after may take some time as it hashes the navigation files folder especially on mechanical drives. It may appear as its stuck on "Checking for updates", just let it run its just creating the hashes and will be slower on slower drives. If you think its completely stuck then follow these steps:

1) make sure you have the C:\MINIONAPP folder whitelisted in your antivirus or windows defender
2) delete the contents of C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\hashes
3) delete the contents of C:\MINIONAPP\hashes

minionmultitool.exe does all the hard work so make sure your AV doesnt block it.

A new setting "Download workers" has been added. Default is 10, you can set it to what your internet connection can handle up to 50 workers .

Your accounts.xml file in the Minionapp/Settings folder will be backed up and a new one created that will encrypt the GameAccountPassword and KeyPassword in the xml file. This encrypted passwords will only work with the Minion account that was logged in when they were created.

You can add accounts manually in the xml still using plaintext passwords if you set these values in the .xml file to false, it will accept a plain text password on first run then it will eyncrypt it and set these values to true.

[Image: tjaqawB.png]

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