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What game do you play, or plan to play in the future ?
Black Desert Online would be nice but injection type of bot is a sure way of getting a ban. Nowadays pixel bot is what most people uses.
Mainly Guild Wars 2 - wish there was a trading post API!!!!

Maybe ESO, as well.
Bless Online
Bless Online are nice :)
Bless Online!!!
MapleStory 2 - it looks very childish, but I loved the first game so I will give this a try. There will be a closed beta test for the global version next month I'm looking forward to.
I'll likely play whatever we get a bot framework for next, as long as I can return to my usual playstyle... just moving my toon around with one hand while holding a beer in the other... while the bot does all the button pressing.

ESO seems to have the biggest Steam player base of the stuff I've seen in the thread thus far.



Black Desert

Bless Online

Definitely waiting to see some VR MMORPG's.
I would absolutely say Elder Scrolls Online, especially if you're looking for a true rpg experience with action combat and fun pvp. With the zos's reputation as well as how much love theyre putting into the game, I only see eso increasing in popularity. Right now they have a very solid player base, and none of the uncertainties that future unreleased games have.
Could you break down some factors you'd have to consider for games?

Like with WoW and Blizzard suing HonorBuddy - does that mean you won't touch the game?
or BDO with the difficulties doing injection - does that the viability?

I mean, those are the two I'd vote for, because I can't find anything near the quality of MMO-Minion for them.
Elder Scrols Online
Black Desert

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