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What game do you play, or plan to play in the future ?
Phantasy Star Online 2
(04-15-2018, 08:29 AM)JuJuBoSc Wrote:  Hello fellow Minions,

I'm wondering what do you guys here play or plan to play in the future ?

Please don't tell me Fortnite or I'm going to make an heart attack, I can't handle the battle royale anymore :D

I'd rather "playing" a MMO or that kind of game where I can have fun writting third party tools for, I'm not much into FPS hacking as it's really boring to me.

Bless Online would be nice but as of 09/09/2019 the Game and all related services are official closed per bless online website.
I always go back to BDO and wonder what it would be like with an ACR or profile to use skills for you. Would be nuts, to be honest.
pantheon rotf. cant wait.
ESO <3
def ESO, looks so clean, would love to have minion for it.
<p>Lost Ark</p>
New World Online Please

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