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FFXIV 5.0 Shadowbringers - Update
Damn you guys are good  Handshake

edit: Is there a new setting I need to enable to get the retainer interface to work? Or just need to wait on update?
I noticed that when im setting a marker to gather a certain item, it isn't gathering the item i specify.

For example, I want it to gather Ice Crystals, so i enter ice crystals in the marker and it still gathers Ice shards.  This is likely due to the update, correct?
Trying to level grind my miner class, it's very buggy and a scrolling list of errors popped up. Before the update, it was working fine until now.
Bot crashed after a few minutes ingame, after thet the Minion Client wont load :(
Bot keeps on using Gysahl Greens.
I can confirm, uses Gysahl Greens about other cast.
will be a chocobo status issue, it will be fixed.
disable them for now
As a Summoner, It keeps using "summon" skill over and over. And given that now its instant, it summons the pet like 5+ times on average in every fight.
<3 You can be my hero baby.
Update, I put out a fix for the pet/companion summoning issue

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