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Ignore that window which comes up now at start :) But it will hopefully do what it is supposed to in the next patch-festival-marathon ;)
Please restart the MinionApp to get teh gw2minion update:

- First bunch of backend changes to prevent future bans ;)
also added this to swap between vendor tabs:
Inventory:SetVendorServiceType( type , tabindex )
Gw2Minion is updated for todays 2nd patch
Alright, restart once more, I fixed the skill bugs.
Fixed thief deadeye crashing and necro scourge also works again
Crashes when going ingame from charscreen and Radar should all work again now.
NAEU is update for todays patch.
NAEU is updated for todays patch. However the Anet broke the autologin you will have to attach manually until they release a patch to fix it.
Long time nothing posted here, yeah we are in discord nowadays...

Just wanted to say that the auto login is working again.
explaining that the removal of the email & password commandline is because of "security" year 6 of gw2...they could not have thought of a more stupid lie I guess.

happy botting
Please check our discord for updates

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