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How to Post a bug report.
As many people post bugs with insufficient information which can often delay fixing issues.

This post it to help people report issues with sufficient information to help resolve these issues in a much quicker fashion.

Reports MUST contain a full screen pic and report tab info as shown below.
(Please turn off your char name.)

[Image: zzERnDY.jpg]
The help window is indicated by the Help! Button in the main UI.
[Image: 4Hl03pW.png]

Mesh Reports.

All Mesh reports must be reported here and in the method displayed in the picture...

Any mesh reports  not posted in the correct forum or fashion will be ignored.

Store Addons.

Each addon has its own Forum support and can be found here....

While each addon requires there own information for each bug, a basic guide to reporting includes...

The Console.

Console feed back displays errors or general information for the bot and addons.
Can be accessed via Control + C or the Minion icon.
[Image: GJFW5GU.png]

Any other bug report should have a screen shot and console open as a minimum.
Please include a brief description on the issue.

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