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Fishing Guide
Used with FFxiv Minion X64 only.

[Image: rJsNlV8.png][Image: JFLvOeh.png]

Fishing Guide.

Fishing guide has been updated with spearfishing.
EW items are accessible to anyone who has Aces Endwalkerupgrade pack or my class quests pack for Endwalker.

I haven't decided If i want a EW upgrade pack for myself.
Anyone with Aced EW upgrade pack will keep Fishing guide upgrade to EW even if i make my own separate upgrade pack.

UI listing all fish in Fish Guide.
Auto Flags fish on catch.
Minimal User Input required.

(Diadem fish not supported)

How to Report Bugs.

Position errors.
Runs off a ledge and runs back only to fall off again.

Required info.
Task id.
Coordinated of the bad position.
[Image: a0093d0df6.jpg]

All reports should contain the following information.

[Image: agWdOcJ.png]

This can be found in the help window indicated by the ? in the main ui.

[Image: p34pWvj.png]
Awesome work !
Revolt, Dominion, Dailies, Poacher, Navigator, FPH & Scenery support on Bottox Discord.
it work for 3.5 legendery fish ? :o
All fish pre 4.0 are databased but diadem isnt automated atm.
i'm really interested by this add-on but i'm not sure the fish i miss can be caught with it because it's legendery and they need the intuition buff on short windows

you think this add-on will work (even if it take some time) for these fish ? :
Sea Butterfly
All fish bar diadem fish are added.

However the likely hood of catching those fush maybe rare.
All fish have been setup based on best bait and location i could find.
is it possible to make an option to farm specific fish/s? depending on the weather and time they spawn at?
(04-20-2017, 12:56 PM)Failecha Wrote:  is it possible to make an option to farm specific fish/s? depending on the weather and time they spawn at?

Not in this version but I may add an option to turn off the auto flag system so you can just fish for unchecked fish.
(04-20-2017, 08:35 PM)HaltPolis Wrote:  Its not attaching correct bait at CCH Sea of Clouds hole (should be hoverworm)

other than that its been working smooth so far

need id number for every report please
Cutesmile BTW !! Awesome Addon  Handshake
I do not know if you have the same thing with the artisans (Guide Artisan)
If it were possible I would take it !

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