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Navigator V3.0 ! (Personal Nagivation Assister)
[Image: 1525525133-mini-136602navigatorminion.png]
Navigator V3.0 !

Detailed information on what this addon contains and how does it work:
Wiki - Navigator

Navigator is a simple navigation assister, with a huge database. + 3300 Spots !!  You can go everywhere, in a LEGIT WAY, to all :

 Storage & Commerce
 Bestial Camps
 Entrance to Dungeons
 Botanist's nodes
 Miner's nodes
 Unspoiled Botanist's nodes
 Unspoiled Miner's nodes
 Monster's locations
 Triple Triad's Npc
 Switch Maps
Aether Currents 3.0 & 4.0 & 5.0

[Image: 1533317334-navigator.jpg]


Bottox's Addons use Bottox Manager. Please install it first through the FFXIV Minion 64 store.

    1) **INSTALL Bottox Manager** through the FFXIV Minion 64 store.

  2) Buy Navigator through the store tab in Minionapp.

  3) Refresh or restart minionapp and the buy button will turn into
     an install button when payment is processed.

  4) If you are already in game, click on the MMOMinion button,
     then go to Bottox app.

     then go to Bottox folder.

[Image: 1525524979-menu-bottox.jpg]

"The agent that takes you where others do not go"

[Image: 1525525181-snsd-sooyoung-mr-taxi-concept-pictures-9.png]

How to use?

Mount list : Choose the mount you want to use.
Language : You can choose your favorite language. (Inside Bottox manager settings)
Nagivator : Select your destination inside sub menu (Ex: Switch East Shroud to Central Shroud.Click on navigator,zone and Central Shroud. Take a coffee and enjoy!
Stop Move : Click on "Stop Move" if you can stop your Uber's travel :)
Flash Save /Load : This function create an ephemeral waypoint with the "save" button and you can go back on the point with the "load" button.

/!\ Warning Dont Forget ! /!\

[Image: 1525525709-navigation3.png]

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Gifts, goodies, and more Happy 

I call this a Cookie.
Revolt, Dominion, Dailies, Poacher, Navigator, FPH & Scenery support on Bottox Discord.
dont see it in the 64 store
yet ^^
works very well, would recommend 100%
So is that the Wind Waker map for the logo? lol
First Store addon that I've bought in a while. This is exactly the sort of thing that my lazy ass was looking for.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work :)
where do i install the lavander beds add on?
nevermind i need to learn how to read, thanks
For lavender bends, it's a mesh you need to download, then paste on your mmominion folder (bots/ffxiv64/navigation).
Then reload lua modules on your game, Mmominion button/Navigation tab, then select the mesh and press load. Next time you'll go to lavender beds, it will do this automatically :)
Revolt, Dominion, Dailies, Poacher, Navigator, FPH & Scenery support on Bottox Discord.

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