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Class Quest Support
This is not a Main Story Quest Pack.

Install SebbsLib from the store.
If your missing profiles, that maybe why.

[Image: CieFx6E.png]

To unlock the 1-70 pack selection you must have INSTALLED
The 1-60 and 60-70 packs or the 1-50, 30-60 and the 60-70 packs.

[Image: 5btSZn9.png]
** This does not apply to those who own the 1-70 pack. **

All reports should contain the following information.

[Image: agWdOcJ.png]

This can be found in the help window indicated by the ? in the main ui.

[Image: p34pWvj.png]
Hopefully no news means all good news.
It does not unlock redmage even when all the requirements met. In addition, when auto changing classes, sometimes it changes the skill profile to None -> stand there doing nothing. I think this is because the class is THM but the Skill Profile does not have THM, so it cannot autochange to THM but None instead.
at some point you changed the skill to none and it loads the last used profile so thats not profile related.

what do you consider are the requirements for redmage unlock?

try providing info on what you settings are because right now you havnt given any info.
Actually I did not change the profile to None, it autochanged. Red mage unlock requirements are lv 50 in 1 class, have stormblood and finish the quest Taking the red. I have storm blood and 1 class at 50 but it does not auto unlock red mage. I have to unlock it myself.

In addition, just to ask about the profile, I set my primary to white mage and secondary to bard. Both start at 1 and left the bot run overnight. This morning I woke up and found the white mage at 25 and Bard is still 1. Is this normal? I think the profile alternate between classes to not just grind 1 class in a place right? Also, I tried setting the primary class : machinist (lv30) and secondary class: bard (lv1). It just keeps grinding machinist but not switching to bard to grind and do job quest. I thought it's supposed to grind secondary classes up too? If it doesn't switch to secondary class, what's the point of setting secondary class then?

Moreover, what if I set primary class (lv 50) and secondary class (lv 30) to run the profile? Will it alternate between primary class and secondary class to grind and do job quests, or not?
did you set the profile job to Redmage ?
It wont unlock it unless you set it at a class to level.
The quest is lvl 50 requirement.
[Image: pFba241.png]

Secondary class will be leveled once the 1st class is max level.
This is all in the Wiki...

You still havnt even said what profile your even using.
Let's ignore the red mage issue for now. The profile automatically unlocked all other classes but red mage even though I was level 50. 

I'm using 1-70 Class Quests. Secondary class will be leveled once 1st class is max, which means once it's 70? When I bought the addon, it said differently (like, it said the leveling primary class to 30 then others to 15 then continue leveling primary class)

This is the None profile issue that I mentioned. I left the bot run from when CNJ was level 1 yesterday until now. It recently changed to WHM after automatically doing class quest. However, it freezes after doing the class quest. This is because the profile got changed to None. I did not change anything or touch the bot at all. I've posted the screenshot.

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The profile does not swap profiles.
The bot will load the last used profile you set.
If it does not exist it will not load anything.
I would assume you are missing the default whitemage profile which is the default for both classes.
[Image: F9fICRS.png]

This is a skill profile function not a quest profile issue.

The requirement for Jobs after SB release does not require sub classes to be leveled any more.

Even so your conjurer did not hit 30 for the previous swaps to occur.
I have 2 issues with the bot. 1st is that it forces itself to participate in fates it can't win (mostly boss types) and 2nd is it constantly mounts even when it's target is only a few paces away, then at times it mounts/dismounts in 1 spot continuously while targetting something. ran this with multiple jobs, does the exact same thing.
the profile doesnt control nav so your mount issue isnt relevent to this forum.
The Fate settings are inherited from your grind mode settings so set them however you like.
Boss defaults are is > 1% completed it will participate.

Fate settings are also not changed by the profile.

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