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New Navigation & Mesh System - Rollout Beta
The new navigation system ( and mesher ) is now uploaded to FFXIVMinion as BETA.

If your updater speed is slow, you can download the files from here:

Unzip them to your C:\Minionapp\Bots\Ffxivminion\Navigation\ folder.

To avoid a sea of tears, the current navigation version will stay as it is until we are sure that the new nav system is 100% working for everyone.
If you want to try out the new version, you need to opt-in for it in Minionapp -> Settings -> 'use beta addons [x]' .
Please be aware that all addons which used the navigation or functions from it will most likely not work and throw errors.
The devs are aware and we are currently looking into giving them the tools to also upload a beta version for their addons which then will work with that new navigation system. Besides a huge amount of improvements on the navigation and the tools to mesh a map, this new system will allow us to have nearly 100% perfect navigation meshes for the FFXIV 5.0 Release on day 1.  


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