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New Navigation & Mesh System - FFXIV - Live
It's Showtime for the new Navigation System, for all Regions (EU/NA, CN, KR)  Superman

Please funnel all tears towards us with a proper screenshot ( console open and the Navigation Manager window open!).

We had a few reports of people where the Navmesh was not loaded automatically for some maps (therefore the char did not move) when English was not the game language, but this was always due to a missing default mesh being setup for that map.
If your char does not move, please open Console and the Navigation Manager (@Minion Button->Navigation) and select the correct map you are currently in.
If that fixes it, please send a screenshot of that navigation manager window into our direction!

I'm still working on gw2 is a bit more painful than ffxiv Snicker

Oh and if this works all well, we are going to have another beta test for the Translation System that will allow us to finally localize every text in the bot / GUI.

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