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Gathering Pack Support
Please read the requirements for Support below before making a new Post.

1-80 and 70-80 All Class packs are in the Store.
1-70 pack will NOT be sold after December 2019.

Install SebbsLib from the store.
If your missing profiles, that maybe why.

All reports should contain the following information along with a FULL SCREEN PICTURE.

[Image: agWdOcJ.png]

This can be found in the help window indicated by the Help! in the main ui.

[Image: 4bG3lvF.png]
Hey there, could you please explain me the options from the fisher quest profile: Cordials, Manuals and Disable Handins?
So I've been trying to do the gathering list and jobs, but they all just sit idle. If I check the various nodes, it just collects that thing forever. I'm now trying setting each node to 1 max in inventory. I just want something to run through the gathering list and fill in the holes.
need more info.
pics report tab and options.
hey, I'd like to ask if you could add another checkbox to disable the mount completly?
For me it allways looks kinda off if someone is using the mount everytime some mining finished and you could walk there just fine

I hope you see this!
thats not really an addon issue, it would be a main bot request
Hi I recently tried to join the FFXIMinion Chat run by yourself and Ace however get a notice that I am banned and am unsure as to why this could be (Submarine Attack#7264). For the last week I've been trying to reach out and haven't had any luck (it seems both yourself and Ace have me personally blocked in PM's on discord, again not sure why). If I actually did something wrong Id like to know what happened however if not and this is what I assume to be some kind of error Id really like to over turn the ban so I can use the channel again for support with the addons you guys make. Cheers, I really appreciate any answer as I've been trying to reach out various ways and have heard nothing.
I dont block any messages, you just cant message me unless your a friend.
I dont know why you were blocked but I assume ace did for some reason, Ill talk to him about it before i consider unblocking you.

You are welcome to use the Minion support discord any time however.
fishing is stuck, just sits at idle spot


hi, i bought this addon in 2018, i started again using MMOminion, but i dont see this addons in game (i installed it )

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