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[FFXIV] Creator for Forager

Expansion pack for the Forager addon.
Adds crafting functionalities to Forager

The FORAGER ADDON is REQUIRED for this addon to function.
The ARTISAN ACR is REQUIRED for this addon to function.

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Discord Server:
Hi Sebbs,

Quick Question... Will this craft collectables and turn them in for items needed? For example say you wanted to craft Smoked Chicken or something but need chicken legs and those are available for white scrips. Will having all 3 addons create the collectable and turn in then buy the chicken legs?
It doesnt handle inventory in most cases.
The exception is if you have a craft that needs script items, it will craft the items hand them in and buy them item you need.

Normal handins will need to be handled by an inventory manager such as sellout.

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