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Paypal Payment
Any predictions for paypal? I can't pay without this option...and I'm stopped, as are many
It is unlikely Paypal will be accepted in the future, as they have chosen not to do business with MMOMinion.

Most people should switch to paying with Coinbase / Bitcoin for nice discounts on prices.

For Brazilians who don't know how to buy crypto. Install "Foxbit" on mobile, buy LiteCoin currency. Download the "Exodus" digital wallet and remember to write down or take a picture of the 10 secret words in this wallet (if needed in the future). Transfer LiteCoin to the digital wallet. And buy the Bot.

If you cannot figure out how to pay with cryptocurrency then feel free to post here.
The views/opinions expressed in this post are my own and do not reflect the official policy/position of MMOMinion or its affiliates.
If you really insist on PayPal, find someone who can buy it for you in exchange for PayPal.

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