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Dark Knight not using Souleater spell in rotation
So the combo action is: Hard Slash --> Syphon Strike --> Souleater
MMOMinion dark knight's skill manager implements syphon strike after hard slash, and then immediately rotates back to hard slash without executing Souleater spell.
I noticed it has a default level req of 38, which I changed to 26 (maybe this requirement was lowered in a recent FFxiv update?). Anyways, it still doesn't use souleater.

I've dabbled with the settings a bit, including trying to force a skill chain, to no avail. I've reset the settings back to default, but am still wondering, and really want to get the dark knight to automatically use SoulEater when its procced by the combo action (since it's an addition 100 plus 400 damage, with HP restore up to 300).

Is it working for anyone else? My dark knight is currently in its 40s.
So I noticed there was a setting: When Player TP >= 59.
I have no idea what TP means, so I tried setting it to 0.
And now Souleater is properly included in the combo action!

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