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GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - fxfire - 08-19-2017

So we have the usual situation when I'm not at home, nothing gets done.
Seeing that the beta weekend will involve (already does) at leat 6-8 game updates, I doubt I can make it work for most of the time while only being able to "remote-home" to do the updates. I'll ofc. refund the lost keytime for this whole weekend, doing 1 day right now and another 2 days on monday when I'm back home.

However, I'll try to update it a few times during my day, but seeing how crazy broken the classes and skills are right now ingame, this will definitly also require our skillmanager profiles to be updated.

>The Good news however is, after the most recent incident with one of the very well known DSP Parser out there, I digged into this topic and unlike the other DPS parsers, we are going to have the actual DPS/HPS data which is also used by the game itself for spvp or the raid golem tests. I also spoke with the dev of that now uncontinued dps parser and I'll going to take over the job of hosting and updating it for everyone out there for free.
This ofc also includes the other features which were available in that tool ;)
>The Skillmanager is still on my working plate, I'm busting my keyboard to get that updated before the PoF update hits, so we can make nice smooth flexible cast profiles that will put 99% of the manual players back into their box.
>Automating slotting/switching Traits, Gearcheck, improved Radar, Daily Tasks, improved Behavior manager and above all the navigation system is being extended to hopefully be able to deal with the (already existing ) soon coming special movement abilities.

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - saxman101 - 08-19-2017

No worries mate, and good to hear you'll be taking over *that guy's* work ;)

Appreciate the update!

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - theguardian759 - 08-19-2017

Wonderful news fxfire very much looking forward to that but are you planning on all of the new cool stuff before PoF or some of that will be after ?

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - dooraqchok - 08-21-2017

sounds awesome, would pay twice the amount for monthly key if you add all those features ^^

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - kingkyz - 08-22-2017

Keep up the goodwork!

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - arleezy - 08-22-2017

Just recently got back into the game. So hold off on buying any new game keys then?

Thank you for your hard work and support!

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - fxfire - 08-23-2017

First attempt of fixing the new navigation version just went out, not yet the final one but I hope it works now.

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - fxfire - 08-24-2017

aallright, new nav update went out ...3 days of work..fck me.

Anyway, back to what I originally wanted to do now ...

RE: GW2Minion - PoF Weekend 2 - Lordglarp - 08-25-2017

Just got the two days to try it out, just noticed this thread. Hope the updates aren't stressing you out to much, looking forward to trying out the product. Looks great thus far.