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      GW2Minion - HoT Release
    Posted by: Powder - 11-20-2015 12:12 PM
    930 Views - 7 Replies

    GW2Minion is updated and works with HoT

    Update 3:
    - I added something new that should prevent the bot from trying to reach places where he just cannot go. This needs testing.... If you experience anything weird happening in regards of "Finding a NavPath" or "Walking anywhere", please describe the problem DETAILED and give as many infos as you can, thank you!

    Update 2:
    - mmoalt was so nice and provided a "first pass" Auric Basin Mesh, big thanks!
    - Can't reach it ? Don't need it ? Not with Minion!

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    Donate FFXIVMinion Update for 3.1
    Posted by: fxfire - 11-11-2015 01:47 PM
    8874 Views - 153 Replies

    Hello fellow Minions Cutesmile

    A first (hopefully perfect working) Version of FFXIVMinion for the recent large 3.1 Update is now available.

    Report the bugs here, but ONLY do that if you are capable of providing PROPER DETAILS and as much information as possible, so we can reproduce the bugs in order to fix them! Please do not post issues about installation or attachment in this thread.

    Flying also seem to be finally around the corner. Snicker

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      Craft Mode - Profiles, Multi-Recipe, Multi-Class, GUI Update
    Posted by: Ace - 10-21-2015 03:26 AM
    4278 Views - 63 Replies

    Okay, so the time has come to bring Craft mode into the new age.

    The new version will look somewhat like this (just to show some basic interface).

    [Image: 2yl0bq8.png]

    Hopefully tomorrow sometime AceLib will be updated with some new functions I've had to create to make this magic work, and after that I will update the main crafting mode.

    This first release is just get it out there, and there will be some later adjustments to make things more streamlined.

    Anyway, just to let you guys know, more big changes within the next 24-48 hours....
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    Star Navigation Evolved
    Posted by: fxfire - 10-17-2015 04:23 PM
    4310 Views - 42 Replies

    It took a bit longer, but the main work is done now!
    You already know how lovely our Navigation on the Ground works, now we moved that to the next level:
    [Image: 2wexc3n.png]

    Completely free Path-finding and Navigation on the Ground and through the Air (Water @ GW2 Snicker ).
    This will put our noses another step ahead of the competition, while giving us the Ability to utilize that awesome Navigation not only in our current bots, but also for anything that comes in the future.
    We are now adjusting and fine tuning the bot logic / "follow navi...
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      Gather Mode - Profile Support/GUI Changes
    Posted by: Ace - 10-03-2015 03:06 AM
    7678 Views - 116 Replies

    Hi all, quick announcement.

    Probably within the next 48 hours I will replace the current gathering code with a re-vamped version that includes support for profiles, much like the new Fishing code.

    The usage of profiles is intended to replace the current method of unspoiled gathering, and is much more customizable and shareable since only a single file is required to be passed along.

    The old unspoiled UI options will be pulled out of the GUI in order to help streamline things a bit, but for the first couple of days it will be left alone.

    Attached to this post will be the files for the new mode, and some test profiles, one which shows how to use Unspoiled, created by Sebbs (thanks as usual buddy), and one which was created by me, which ...
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