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      Questing 2.0 - Official Release
    Posted by: Ace - 07-28-2015 01:29 AM
    1493 Views - 28 Replies

    So, it goes without saying that it has been a long time coming, but Questing 2.0 has been officially added as a store addon (it's free, don't worry). Like AceLib, it will be periodically refreshed.

    Latty has posted our new renditions of 1-15 profiles, along with whatever else he chooses to give away.
    Once the 3rd party encrypted profile piece is working, you will see private profiles being sold, which will include 1-50 story/non-story, class quests, and 50-60 story/non-story.

    Rather than bore you with details of how the new questing code is different, I'll let you explore for yourself.
    Have fun, report bugs as you normally would (in the Support section).

    I'd like to thank my Outlaw Star testers, and especially sebbs and latty for non-stop...
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    Posted by: fxfire - 07-23-2015 08:39 AM
    449 Views - 5 Replies

    Since we got quite some feedback from users wanting to buy the bot who never had problems with getting banned, although others reported a rather high ban rate, we will re-enable the sales for Esominion within the next days.
    We will limit the available subscription time to 2 Day Keys and 1 Month Keys only.
    In addition to that, we will put a big red "BE AWARE : HIGH BAN RISK" around the purchase button, so people are aware of what may come rather quickly if they get caught botting.

    We'll update this thread once it is ready....
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      FFXIVMinion - Update
    Posted by: fxfire - 07-22-2015 09:03 AM
    2638 Views - 29 Replies

    Please update your MINIONAPP through the included Updater and everything should work now, before it was showing a game/login wrong error.

    THE OLD FFXIVMINION_GUI_LAUNCHER.EXE DOES STILL NOT WORK ...and this wont change... so another chance for you to upgrade:

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      New Updates, New Addon
    Posted by: Ace - 07-20-2015 12:55 AM
    1624 Views - 1 Replies

    Some of you will notice that there has been a new mandatory addon added to FFXIV.

    [Image: da002e8011.jpg]

    You must make sure this addon is installed, as it will contain necessary data that contains some proprietary data mining that includes API items for:

    • AutoEquip, all items, including 3.01 patch.
    • Avoidance, including new techniques, better positioning, and 3.0 spells from mobs.
    • Huntlog handling updates.
    • Auto quest rewards, requiring no user interaction to select the proper item for a class (or money).
    • Weather predictions for most areas, including current and next cycle weather.

    The main bot will incorporate some of these it...
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    Config Update for all bots!
    Posted by: fxfire - 07-15-2015 07:31 AM
    1174 Views - 11 Replies

    Today we are going to have a little maintenance Pig

    We improved the whole NavMesh handling in the background and for that, all bots need to get updated at the same time. If you manage to start or update your bot while we are actually uploading the changes, stuff will break.
    So just wait a bit and re-do the updater dance in the minionapp.
    I will announce here when we start and when it "should" be ready & done.

    Major Improvements:

    • A Navmesh will automatically be rebuild when it is loaded, when there is a newer .obj file or .nxi file present.
    • While recording a navmesh, it is now poss...
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