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      New Launcher Versions
    Posted by: fxfire - 02-27-2015 04:25 PM
    222 Views - 8 Replies

    Some of you had problems starting the game + bot in the past weeks (GW2 even longer than FFXIV). If was either crashing or showing a weird skin-less login screen for you.

    We just uploaded a new version for both games, please give some feedback if the problem is now gone for you. Because we would like to remove the xxxMinion_GUI_Launcher_OLD.exe again Snicker

    Thank you and have a nice weekend ,
    Minion Team...
    [ Read more ]

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      GW2Minion & FFXIVMinion - Launcher
    Posted by: fxfire - 02-19-2015 08:42 AM
    831 Views - 28 Replies

    We received reports about crashes and not starting bots in the recent days for gw2minion. Today we rolled out the same new launcher for ffxviminion and there are also a few users who cannot make it work. After several hours checking on that, it seems that some recent Windows Update is causing the trouble.

    If you cannot make the bots start on your computer right now, please use the now available alternative launchers :

    Until we traced down the source of the problem.

    Sorry for the big trouble, Embarrassing

    [ Read more ]

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    Donate FFXIVMinion - Update
    Posted by: fxfire - 02-18-2015 03:24 PM
    2980 Views - 43 Replies

    FFXIVMinion got a new launcher today, you should not see any difference but the backend finally received the needed update and we are now another step closer to merge our code and tools.
    The launcher update should fix the old memory leak and crashing problem that some of you were experiencing from time to time.
    Due to this being a new launcher, please make sure you read this information from the install guide again.
    (This is for the ones who claim that it "worked before and now it stopped working & crashes"):

    1. Have the latest updates for Windows installed.
      [ Read more ]

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      ESOMinion - QuestManager and PinList
    Posted by: ferenz - 02-09-2015 07:42 PM
    515 Views - 9 Replies

    The ESOMinion API has been updated with the following classes:

    These classes provide the functionality required for the new Questing behavior currently being written/tested. The PinList will also provide data necessary to significantly increase behavior options even beyond questing. We have released an update with the new API included as well as updating the wiki so that any lua-proficient users who are interested can "tinker" with it and help us debug and expand the new classes. Please notice that the DevMonitor has also been significantly expanded to incl...
    [ Read more ]

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    Star It's BETA Time again - GW2Minion 3.0
    Posted by: fxfire - 01-21-2015 11:20 PM
    11308 Views - 282 Replies

    GW2Minion 3.0 goes into the next phase and we need your help Minion Nosebleed

    Update 04.Feb:
    If you want to help and get keytime in return:

    How to get the beta version ?
    - Run your GW2Minion_GUI_Launcher.exe once. Then close the Minion Launcher.
    - Run your GW2Minion_GUI_Launcher.exe A SECOND TIME. Then close the Minion Launcher.[ Read more ]

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