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PoF Preparations - Info - fxfire - 09-21-2017

The next big expansion is coming and there will be ofc some "issues", I just wanted to let you know that we are ofc aware and working on solutions. Upcoming changes:
  • Please STOP working on any SkillManager (BETA) Profiles now. I completely rewrote it now and due to the problems I had before in the beta version (profession mechanic and other chaotic things), I had to redesign the whole code. The good news is, that it will be THE most user friendly UI experience you ever had in the bot so far. Slim, simple and at the same time powerful for the ones who know what to do. It will allow own Profiles and own cast-Conditions which can be freely shared or even "sold".
  • Jorith should have the DPS Parser ready as well, FINALLY we get this cool feature.
  • I have a Gear/Skill/Trait Switcher tool on my list, completely simple with drag n dropping icons into a template, creating a single small "Switch to that gear" button which you can place wherever yoiu want and then switch all your stuff with one single click.
  • Generally we are moving towards assist and ui helper now, range indicators, better radar with classes shown etcetc.
  • The new PoF maps are bringin back an old problem, the issue of moving from A to B with an unusual way of transportation, which depends on "ingame states and values". Like the doors in wvwvw or the jumping mushrooms in HoT, now in Pof the mounts which allow different jumping as well. This is a rather difficult thing to overcome with the navigation system we have, but I have a plan for it, it will just take a rather longer time to get that fully implemented and working. (Like the recently introduced macromesh, which solved the long existing issue of freezing the client when a longer path was not found)
I expect the usual 20 updates within the next 10 days after PoF released, I did try to get around the need of having to update our bot each time, but it is quite a *semi-optimal* solution. I can make it work, but if something in the code changed, it will crash for everyone who tries to use the bot despite the update, there is no way to "know" that before. So, long story short, I'm still trying to find an acceptable solution :)


RE: PoF Preparations - Info - glukie - 09-21-2017

Thanks for the info. Upcoming changes turn me on.

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - dmonsterone - 09-21-2017

Yeah, I can't wait to use the new one. Thank you.

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - slink87 - 09-21-2017

Keep up the work! TY

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - tw1sted - 09-22-2017

Awesome! I don't play Guildwars without assist on lol. Can't wait for this

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - slink87 - 09-22-2017

Just wanted to add the server patch will be at 12PM EST 9/22. Hope to hear from the team during launch,Goodluck!

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - Hawke - 09-22-2017

This is gonna be sweet!

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - mdriver22 - 09-22-2017

Cant wait for the update

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - th3c4t - 09-22-2017

<3 thx crazy frog ^^

RE: PoF Preparations - Info - Korbi - 09-22-2017

Whats than the best way to earn Goooold :D Any ideas? Btw is atm a WvW Mesh out?