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How much is required module wise?
I'm interested in this but when I downloaded it I noticed there is several modules. Some redundant, and some not.

I downloaded the trial for 1-80 battle and let it do it's thing for a couple levels while I watched it and it seemed cool. I saw it was ~40. Then the crafting one only went to 70, and was also fairly expensive. Is this normal, or is their public ones also? I don't mind paying but I'm wondering if this is a compounding thing, where I'll need {X} for HoH for $20, {Y} for Squadrons for $30.

I'm mostly interested in this for leveling alt combat classes, I already have craft/gather maxed.

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How much is required module wise? - by JustAnothaTank - 12-28-2019, 05:54 PM

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