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GW2 - Fixing the patches which patched the patchess
What a fun week this must be at anet, 9 updates in 5 days, that's quality control  Pig 
i refunded 2 days of Keycodetime now
The waypoint bug is also fixed ( no respawn / no mapchange bug).

The week still has 40hours,lets see if they manage to get to 10 lol.

There were some larger changes in the past days due to the patches, if you encounter weird behavior or bugs, please post them here WITH ENOUGH DETAILS so we can fix them.

Cheerio Cutesmile
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
<3 from bottom of my heart.
A well deserved shoutout for you and Powder and any other dev who may be helping with those crazy patches. Anet outdone themselves this week in how many bugs are in the new patch and so you guys here deserve a thank you for being able to keep up with them. Some bugs are still out there so we will probably have a couple more
Thanks for the constant updates!!1 You guys rock!
So many updates, thanks for being so prompt with these updates.
The game client is crashing for me when trying to attach the bot.

EDIT: Works now.
New patch update today.
Bot not working ATM, saying that there is a update in game, but there isnt any.
Same for me. Bot not working. Says i need to update guildwars 2.
(08-09-2017, 07:20 AM)VSilvester S Wrote:  Same for me. Bot not working. Says i need to update guildwars 2.

Same here

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