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FFXIV Update 8.8. - Navigation Changes
FFXIVMinion is updated already and we are preparing to put on our swimming suits! Pig

With today's release, another rather LARGE change in the Navigation System went live. This one provides the basic functions that allow the pathfinding to differ between "Air" and "Water" - Cubes and therefore movement.
Due to that being rather complicated, I'm nearly sure there are bugs in the system that have to be squished. Therefore:
PLEASE PROVIDE SCREENSHOTS (with console window open and if possible even the navigation path shown) OR VIDEOS WITH A PROPER EXPLANATION HOW I CAN REPRODUCE THE BUG. Then I'll fix it asap!

(This does not yet mean the bot is able to dive or navigate under water! There are still lua changes required which ace is now working on.)
The Addon Developers are also going to release their 1-70 profiles then.

We are getting there :)
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All scripts worked fine after update this morning, but now after the update from about an hour ago (5:00PM EST) none of my gathering scripts work. They navigate fine, but when they get to the node they won't harvest, saying it's "Unable to execute command while jumping" despite not appearing to be jumping at all. This is during the MOVETOINTERACT active task name, and happens for multiple different Red and Yellow Gathering scripts. Happens at every node.

[Image: ViClwry][Image: ViClwry.jpg]

Edit: Fixed with new update! Thanks!
Not an error. But as part of navigation, is it possible to add an option which forces the bot to fly. I've noticed times where the bot chooses to walk/chocobo rather than fly even when floor to cube connections are made properly.
Updated today. While gathering starts out following path ok, then starts to loop in one spot. Back and forth while mounting and activating stealth. Using Sebbs 1-60 mining.

After looking into the Navigation menu more, it seems on mine at least "Navigation Mode" is defaulted to normal. When I changed it to "Follow," it seems to be back on track
And even more fixes went out just now ...I hope this nav stuff now settles down ...
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
Since today's update, are we able to do duty soon ?
Is there à solution to avoid aoe in instance/duty ?
Missing Hotkeys!
Missing SkillFilter!
Skill filter?
if you use ACR
[Image: df45b96e31.jpg]
If not...
[Image: f0b0e6f631.jpg]
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(10-05-2017, 09:31 AM)sebbs Wrote:  Skill filter?
if you use ACR
[Image: df45b96e31.jpg]
If not...
[Image: f0b0e6f631.jpg]

thank you

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