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GW2 - Pre-PoF Update
Update 16.8.: I now pushed all recent backend changes out, this includes macromesh paths and fixes for the recently added skill ammo system. Next step is the new skillmanager, a lovely DPS / HPS tool and other cool things :)

Update 12.8.:
I now got all the ammo and cooldown related infos, this should fix the bot being "stuck" in the casting logic, where it waits for one of the ammo-cooldowns to come off. New bot version will go out in the next hours that hopefully fixes most profiles.

GW2Minion is updated, I extended all keycodes by 1 Day due to the downtime now aannnd:
Please be aware that the most recent game changes literally broke 85% (?) of all existing SkillManager if your character is looking stupid at  the enemy, not casting..that's why.
You can try to fix your profile yourself, adjust the max/min ranges setup in the skills etc ...

I'm rewriting the skillmanager (beta) right now with the goal of fixing all that automatically..but I need more time still to get all that 1-2 weeks... they rushed me with releasing that 4 weeks too early...

Other good news, it looks like we'll have an awesome 100% precise DPS/HPS Parser very soon :)   aaaand with a bit more of luck, auto-AOE-avoidance Expect

*working on it*
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
Good stuff fxfire, appreciate it!

As slink said, another update out at reset (roughly). Seems to be a daily thing right now xD
Why do they update GW2 every day.. can't they just do weekly patches .-.
They know when fxfire sleeps >:3
8yeah they do :(
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
Thank you fire for the update again!
I do not know wtf is wrong Anet the last 2 updates they screwed things up so much they needed like 20 more patches for the patches to fix the patches but well done really keeping up with them and thank you
SM Beta already grabs the range and radius automatically or you are talking about something different ?
[Image: giphy-facebook_s.jpg]

Jk but can't wait for SM beta to get better, also how much time do you think it will take to update the bot with PoF?, they will like break 99% of the stuff once again :(
We can only hope that this weekend (And any other potential beta weekends) allow fire/powder to get a headstart, thus quick updates :P

Lo and behold, Anet threw out another mini update about 15min ago xD
Fire wont update till around 4AM - EST

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