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New SkillManager - Diving into the cold water
I just pressed "release" on the new SkillManager for GW2. Due to how the whole gw2 bot was build around the "old" SM, there was only one way to implement the new one 'proper', by completely replacing the old one.

Long Story short, here are the facts:
  • All old Profiles cannot work with the new one. (Say thanks to the new PoF class mechanic they added).
  • All 9 Professions have a rather crude/silly autogenerated default profile, without any good logic/conditions on when to cast the spells. But they will cast for now, until we got some good profiles to replace them.
  • All professions have their skill-sets "hardcoded", this is essential for the logic on how/when to swap weapons/kits/stances/etc. There are for sure some bugs in there, also PvP/PvE skill IDs can be missing in the sets. If you find a skill not working, please report it here WITH PROPER DESCRIPTION. Same goes for any skill set.
  • The currently available "Conditions" are just a copy paste from the (beta) SM before. If you know LUA, you can just create your own condition in the LuaMods\SkillManager\sm_conditions\ (or be nice and share it with everyone :) )
  • expect bugs, but I'm full time on it now, just let me know
  • If someone is able to fix / adjust the normal default "all skill containing" profiles, I'll gladly reward you guys with some keycodecandy Happy
Let the bug squishing begin! Smile
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
#2 any hint how to conver these rotations to new SM ?
- names right to the icons is not an option, there needs to be space for showing the "combo" - icon skills.
- los bug -> fixed in next update
- "cannot set attack range" ... what / where / what
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
10 4 on the icons. Its lame, but I get you.

When you select "set attack range", nothing happens. You cant select attack I can set up "distance" conditions in the condition manager, but there is no option for actually setting basic range.
is it possible to activate and deactivate the "reaper shroud"  manually?
@Nin , restart teh app, I'm not sure why it wouldn't work. I can click on the set attack range find and toggle it on/off ...
What is "the basic range" ? the general attack range the bot should stay at ? the skill specific range ? If it is the 2nd, then you just setup a "Distance" condition to the spkill and that's it.

Set the weapon switch mode to "Manually" in your profile, then you swap.
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
Word, and please don't think I'm being snarky, you rock. Like rock n roll kinda rock....except with video games. 0.o
what is the discord adress btw?
(10-04-2017, 02:28 PM)Nin Wrote:  what is the discord adress btw?

Top of the page, there is a "SUPPORT" menu, open it, and click on "LiveChat Support"
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And the final update for today just went out.
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :

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