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12th of April 2018 banwave

I just wanted to know whether any of the people here using GW2Minion were banned due to using illegitimate 3rd party software.
In my case I was hit by the ban wave. I used GW2Minion as trial to let it just explore some maps on my second account for roughly 3 hours. I cannot imagine that this is the reason for getting banned 6 months.

Please tell me your experience.
3 accounts mine were suspended today (only towards farming afk) and pvp
(04-13-2018, 02:28 AM)dandy81 Wrote:  3 accounts mine were suspended today (only towards farming afk) and pvp

I had 4 banned for 6 months too 8(
Seems they started collecting the data for the banwave at least 2 months ago, I had (first time btw ;) ) an account banned that I just accidently logged in with the bot attached. So yeah, we need to do some work now...the rumors that they finally implemented something client side that scans and sends data back seemed to be true.
If a net really identifies clients with a bot , then there would've been way more bans or complains on this forum, wouldn't there ?
I never used anything else then 3 hours exploring (in which the bot got stuck several times btw),  no speed, fly or teleport hack.
Taco, gw2hook , arc + templates + mechanical log. But these don't seem to be related to the ban anyhow.
I don't see why my main got banned. For me, there is no valid reason, especially taking into account that there might be people still botting right now.

Also I would like to post in your thread but I am restricted. 

My second account got banned.
I never I injected into my main, but it's banned also
Well I guess the good news is that maybe when I come back in 6 months the bot will be a little stealthier?
Tengo 2 cuentas suspendidas, 6 meses. Farm Sw, alternando entre ambas cuentas, durante algunos días, 3 horas de uso por cuenta. Muy importante, en ciertas ocasiones noté que mi cliente estaba marcado, con pequeños momentos de Lag, otras veces mi personaje "hablaba", escribía algún tipo de mensaje como "¡Hola!" O simplemente se desconectaba del cliente cada momento. Todo parecía estar controlado y observado por alguien que usaba algún tipo de software "TeamViewer".
We targeted programs that allow players to cheat and gain unfair gameplay advantages, even if those programs have other, more benign uses.

Programs Detected:

Wooooowowow CheatEngine running same time gw2 results in ban.
even minion has ffxiv for usage, so it doesnt mean u botted gw2
(04-14-2018, 04:41 AM)fxfire Wrote:  appeal!
even minion has ffxiv for usage, so it doesnt mean u botted gw2

can someone say you get banned for injecting the bot or just for running mmominion client?

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