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Gw2 Bans
Hello everyone,

someone threw the hammer a bit further this year and sadly everyone who botted or used any other kind of other hack in ~ 3 weeks in march (where I was on vacation Nosebleed ) is having a 6 months break from the game now.

The good news is, we know already what and how they did it. We assume that was their 'yearly purge' that happens literally every year when they start SAB.

If you want to be 100% sure that it is 'ok to bot', please wait a few more days, we are taking the needed steps that this will not happen again. But their "detection" is currently not active and you can already go crazy with your bots. We are just adding a few more things to our end.

We are updating this thread once we finished the needed changes.

Minion goes on!
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
i have 2 accounts where i did 2x16xSAB trebulation mode on with jumphack within 2 hours. Around start of april. Those accounts are not banned.
I have 1 account where i only attach the bot but log in to manually buy/sell things from the TP. this account has been banned. one thing that comes into mind is that i am logging into the TP account far more ferquent than into the other accounts.
I had 7 accounts:
1 main: banned, NEVER injected on that one but shared HWID and IP of the 6 alts
4 alts: all got banned (HEAVILY used teleport speedhack, but not in pvp)
2 alts: both survived, these ones are like 1.5week old, 10-30min playtime did NOT inject on these

All alts were NOT used for botting, only for hacking
All alts were used on the same IP and HWID

NEVER did SAB with hacks btw, only LEGIT on main
Only used MMOMinion
I have 5 bot accounts and 1 main.
All got banned. I never used any of the hacks but the addons "Trading Company Seller", "Jorith_ToolBox", "mmoalt_Silverwastes", "mmoalt_Pumpkincarver" and "mmoalt_ChestFinder".

I have been running it around 12 hours a day mostly sometimes between 10am and 3pm, but not on my main character. Just tested the bot there for a short time.

Yesterday they all, including my main account, got banned for half an year. I used the same network for all accounts.

I didn't use any other modifications at any time and let the bots only gather and grind so I didn't make use of the spvp mode. The gathering and grinding was spread on around 8 or 9 maps.

Hope that helps
No Ban on any account (10 alts +main)

Running every account in their own VM.
Never used any hacks
Never let the bot run for more than 10 hours
Haven't botted in the last 4 months

Not using TP seller addon
No inject on main account
Sharing the same external IP for all accounts
All accounts older than a year
start botting yesterday.
no ban .. maybe until next banwave ?
i've 3 account and all the 3 banned 6 month, i use only the assist mod, customtasks and auto salvage,  one of the 3 account that be ban i've not logging since 6 mouth and he is also ban... i never use the bot for doing pvp but wvw yes... and i playing on the same ip...
2 accounts banned for 6 months, used assist mode, custom taks, gathering mode. No hacks and never unattended.
- Same PC never at the same time
- Did you use other tools ( also in the past year!) ? > No
- Did use use any of the hacks ? (fly, teleport, etc. ) > No
- Did you do sPvP with the bot ? > No
We are updating our stuff a bit, taking out "obvious things" one could find if one looks.
But I fear they were not stupid and took out the "stuff" that identified it from the current builds, hard to find them if they don't search ;)

Long story short, we are improving a few things and then we'll see when they start the next "collection"....that is, if they are actually searching client sided and were not just expanding the server sided detection algos they have already in place for years...
If you like my work, buy me a beer ..or a golden porsche ;) :
1 main account banned for 6 months (fk all my legit gem purchases are in there)
Used mmoalt gathering, mandao (non PVP one)
Hacks used: speed always at 33%, zoom & once/twice for glider and jump
- other tools: I practically bought almost every add-ons here and used all of them before. But I rarely use the trader and the pvp ones
- I don’t sPVP
- I do use things like: auto salvage, auto sell
- I rarely bot these 3-4 months, but even if I do bot I’m right in front of my PC having meals. I always check my pm just in case I get checked

Also, I’ve previously purchased gold from a gold seller before and they gave me a warning and removed the gold purchase. So that might have added on to my account suspicion.

A few questions:
1) will they wipe our entire account including the legit purchases?
2) when speed hack is used at 33%, will it stack with my boosts and increase further?

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