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What game do you play, or plan to play in the future ?
Astellia online
Phantasy Star Online 2
(04-15-2018, 08:29 AM)JuJuBoSc Wrote:  Hello fellow Minions,

I'm wondering what do you guys here play or plan to play in the future ?

Please don't tell me Fortnite or I'm going to make an heart attack, I can't handle the battle royale anymore :D

I'd rather "playing" a MMO or that kind of game where I can have fun writting third party tools for, I'm not much into FPS hacking as it's really boring to me.

Bless Online would be nice but as of 09/09/2019 the Game and all related services are official closed per bless online website.
I always go back to BDO and wonder what it would be like with an ACR or profile to use skills for you. Would be nuts, to be honest.

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