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A Quick Question.
Hello there,

I am thinking about testing out this bot with a second account and wanted to ask if its safe using the bot on the same computer as playing with my main account.

Would be the smart thing to do considering there is currently no defense against getting banned as anet is using spyware to identify processes running on your computer to their server. Look for yourself:

I can't recall the post where I read they have a unique identifier they use to ban. If you're using the same pc, you'd think they'd have your mac address, ip etc, but I read they use something else. If you're thinking of botting on a f2p account and mailing/sending items to your main, they will ban both accounts (guilty by association)

Gabi was kind enough to post a thread regarding setting up a proxy, this might be for you:

EDIT: I found it, it was from the official wiki:

BOT SMART - How to avoid getting banned
How detection works (from what we know):

Gw2 uses a server sided algorithm/software to automatically detect bot behavior, by analyzing data and statistics. In addition to that, there are also player reports.
In all cases, a GM checks out your character before any action is taken.
GW2 sends a unique “fingerprint” to the servers, identifying that you are you. Using any kind of VPN, Proxy or similiar tools have no effect, they just draw more attention to your character. You require a fresh windows and gw2 installation, in order to get a new “fingerprint”. Copying over any kind of VM image does not work.
How to bot safe:

Do not gather or grind several hours in the same area or map. Randomize your behavior with the included BotMode: CustomTask, stretch your botting over several maps and zones.
Do not Speedhack, Jump endlessly or teleport around.
Do not let the bot run over night without supervising it now and them. If you do so, make sure you have ran that area before and confirm that there are no “stucks”.
Do not do anything that is “repetitive” for several hours or over several days.
Take breaks, like a normal human would.
Do not send too much gold or regular gold amounts from player to player.

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