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Can't manage markers
Whenever I try to click "manage" in the Marker Manager, or "Edit" for that matter, it goes to "List" mode and refuses to ever open manage again. 
On a fresh bot start, manage works, once. Then the Manage and Edit text goes red and doesn't work. 
I have reinstalled the bot, still happens. I have the bot on another computer, happens there as well. 
There simply is no way to Manage markers. Please send help. 

Windows 8.1 // No AV // Installdir C:\Minionapp // No MBAM // No Mumble, TS etc // Followed instructions // Running as Admin // App launch // Husbando toolbox
No one else has this problem? ):
I am having the same issue, it seems to be fixed by reloading lua, but then it happens again.

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