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Macro to Crafting Skill Profiles - Google Sheet
Hello All,

Originally I was using the following tool/site to create my crafting skill profiles:
- [Web] Simple macro to profile (Crafting)

Sadly the site seems to be down and as such I had to create my skill profiles directly in MMOMinion...
Being lazy, I found this unacceptable.

As such, during this time, I decided to make my own little tool using Google Sheets.
All formulas are working and it's ready if anyone is interested in it also.

Basically this Sheet will use the Macros create by "FFXIV Crafting Optimizer" and allow you to convert them to a MMOMinion lua file.
It's going to be "dumb" skill profiles but this will allow people to create those profiles much faster.

Please be aware that my crafting classes are only at 60. As such my skill database in the sheet is still missing skills.
I'll add them as I go or if anyone posts missing skills that they need added.
Though, each time I do so you would need to copy my sheet again to get an updated version.
- Just in case that people don't feel like telling me what is missing, I have added instructions on how to check if any are missing and how to add them in the "Skill database" tab

All I need now is to add the following to the sheet database:
- Skill Name, Skill Level, Skill Number, Skill Class Type

If anyone has the entire skill list with any of the above info for Crafters it would be much appreciated.

Basically, here is how it works.
  • Go to the Cross Class and Crafting Skill Rotation Google Sheet and copy it so you have your own version
    ---- My version will be shared but on view only mode.
    ---- Can't have everyone use the same sheet as this means 2 persons may be editing it at the same time. You could end up basically having someone else rotation accidentally.
    ---- go to "File > Make a Copy > Save copy to your Google Drive (recommend renaming it with the date of the copy, this way you know when you copied from the original, in case I update mine)
  • Go to and simulate your rotation
  • Go to the your copy/version of the Google Sheet
  • Go to the "Input Macros" tab
    ---- Paste your "Cross-class Action Setup Macro" in Column A and your "Skill Macro" in Column B
    -------- Make sure to copy entire macro including the /echo line otherwise it breaks formulas---- "Skill Macro" formula calculates up to 28 skills in your rotation. If more is needed let me know and I can eventually add extra lines to the formula---- Column C should tell you is there is a skill missing in my Skill Database-------- If yes, Go to the "Skill Database" tab-------- Check column I and that all skills there are crossed and not tagged with "missing" (otherwise read instructions on adding a skill or flag/post here)
  • Go to the "End Result" tab
    --- go to File > Download as > Tab-separated values (.tsv, current sheet) > name file to whateveryouwantittobe.lua > Select "Save Type as" all files > Save
    --- you can also do File > Download as > Tab-separated values (.tsv, current sheet) > save > find downloaded file in your computer and rename it manually to whateveryouwantittobe.lua
  • Make sure lua file in the skill profile folder
    ---- (C:\MINIONAPP\Bots\FFXIVMinion64\LuaMods\ffxivminion\SkillManagerProfiles)
  • Reload Lua if the bot is running
  • Set up your crafting profile and select the skill profile you downloaded
Instructions for Alternate Download Method (see "Instructions" tab in Google Sheet)
  • Copy/Paste your own Google sheet ID (URL): it is part of the URL, just replace my sheet ID by yours <---- This only needs to be done once 
  • Copy/Paste "End Result" gid# number (URL): Go to your "End Result tab" and get your own tab ID, just replace my tab ID by yours <---- This only needs to be done once 
    -- Click the cell below and then the link, this will start the download process. -- Click on "Save Type as" and select "All Files" -- rename file to "whateveryouwantittobe.lua" 

Downloads and Links:
Cross Class and Crafting Skill Rotation Google Sheet
FFXIV Crafting Optimizer

Future roadmap:
- Add all crafting name, skill level, skill ID, skill class type
- Ability to download and rename your file easier (possibly through Google Apps Script)

- Please post a detailed description of what you were doing and what went wrong (will be hard to replicate issue otherwise)
- For any missing/incorrect skill information please post which is wrong and what needs to be changed/added.

Update 1 - May-12-2018:
- Clarified instructions for Copy and Download.
- Clarified why rotation output may not work (missing skills in skill database)
- Added in sheet way to check if skill database includes all skills being used in rotation (with instructions on how to fix and how to flag it to me if you feel like improving original version for everyone)

Update 2 - May-13-2018: 
- Fixed issue where cross class skills with " ' " characters would break code and output empty rotation
- Added a whole bunch if not most every skill to database... I think... (except specialist skills)
- Added version number to Sheet title for better tracking if you have the latest version

Update 3 - May-16-2018: v2.0.3 [i][b](Make sure to delete any previous version you have and copy this version again)[/b][/i]
- Fixed issue where "Name of" and "Brand of" skills where breaking entire lua.  (skill type was set as "9" instead "1" in skill database type)

Update 4 - May-19-2018: 2.0.4
- Corrected some skills in database with wrong type set that would break cross-skill trigger and entire skill profile

Update 5 - May-20-2018: 2.0.5  (Make sure to delete any previous version you have and copy this version again)
- Added "button" for easier download
---- IMPORTNANT: Please follow instructions steps if you want to use "link button" to download file. ----
- You will need to replace the file ID and sheet ID in the instruction tab for your own sheet to download properly.
- Make sure to change your Google Sheet sharing settings to "Anyone who has the link can view"
- You will still need to select "Save Type as" "All files" and rename file manually but should help with mistakes (like being on the wrong tab when saving)
- If you do not want to do this simply ignore "link button" and follow original download steps.

I don't know why but I do not have the option "all files" when trying to save.
Do you know a workaround to save it as a .lua?
But this is exactly something I was looking for before that website went down. Hands down the BEST thing. Don't even need to fiddle with skill profiles or something. Just go to the website, work out rotation, copy and paste and BAM you have a working skill profile.

Keep up the good work.

PS. Found a way.
Does not seem to work.
Also what do you mean when you said
" Go to the "End Result" tab (make sure all formulas have loaded properly"
How would we know if the formula has been loaded properly?
Also I'm a bit confused as what you mean by
- go to file > Download as > Tab-separated values (.tsv, current sheet) > name file to whateveryouwantittobe.lua > Select "Save Type as" all files > Save
This contradicts to what you said earlier by saving our own copy? If we saved our own copy, then we can't select download as> tab-seperated.

If possible, could you make the steps a bit clearer.

I followed every step you as best as i could but nothing happens when I click start on the bot.
I checked the skillprofile in-game and it doesnt seem to have any skills located.
Am I doing something wrong?

Thank you very much for the feedback, I'll definitely need to clarify the steps as they can indeed lead to confusion.

1.) What I initially meant was to you need make your own copy of the sheet and not download it as an Excel file
Basically there are some formulas there that only work on Google Sheets and does not get translated to Excel.

2.) I'll clarify the instructions so that it states to "Make a Copy" of the file is clearer.
What happens is that if 2 people are editing the same file (mine) live they would be changing the output in real time.
You could end up basically having someone else's rotation accidentally.
Instead you need to create a Google Sheet copy/duplicate so you are the only one with access to that one.
- You need to go to File > "Make a Copy
This will duplicate the original file into another Google Sheet file that you own (this means you have to have a Google account though)
Then you would use your own file to make your rotations.
This way, if anything ever happens and mine goes down people could still use their copy and if they are good with sheets even take over the project.

2.) When you have your copy you should be able to see the " Download as > tab-seperated" option as this is a Google sheet feature.
I'll clarify the steps there also.

3.) Also, even if the file gets downloaded as a .tsv file you can simply rename it after it is downloaded to "whateveryouwant.lua" manually
- though, I am trying to see if there is a way to have it save straight as .lua 

4.) As, to see if there is an error in the formulas output you would kinda need to look at the end result and check manually...
Which is a pain if you don't know what to check for. This step was just as a fail safe but to be honest you can ignore it as the formulas process pretty fast.

5.) Now, if for some reason after all of this rotation is not working, the reason could be because there is a skill in your rotation that is not yet added to the "Skill Database" tab
Basically all my crafting classes are at 60 so I haven't yet added 60+ skills and the specialist skills. And, I believe that there is still some 60- skills missing in my list... sigh.
I'll be working on those and adding them soon.
Though when that is done, you would need to "copy" my file again as the changes will only take place there.
Meanwhile, I'll also edit the Bug section to request people to simply past their cross skill and rotation from in a reply so I can check if missing a skill in my database.

I'll edit in the following minutes my main post.

Thanks again for the feedback!!!
I believe I may have found also why it was outputting an empty skill rotation for you
It seems that cross skill with the " ' " character would break the code and output an empty rotation. <---- Hopefully fixed
If not just let me know what your cross skill macro and rotation list is and I'll try to replicate issue.

Update 2 - May-13-2018:
- Fixed issue where cross class skills with " ' " characters would break code and output empty rotation
- Added a whole bunch if not most every skill to database... I think... (except specialist skills)
- Added version number to Sheet title for better tracking if you have the latest version
Thanks for your clarification!
Once again no skills are added to the skill profile. When I look at the end result tab, I do see the skill names in the data.
But once in-game nothing happens when I select the profile and craft. I have checked the skills in-game and nothing seems to be there.
I noticed that you mentioned skills with characters " ' " break the code. Could this still be an issue?

I've also noticed that I cannot manually add skills to the profiles once in-game and using the bot. (the ones saved and extension changed to .lua)
That is strange that you are still experiencing this. I was actually able to reproduce that that until I fixed the " ' " issue.
Other reason could be if your rotation has a skill that is missing in my skill database tab.

Are you still using the first copy of the sheet or did you copy the latest version (v2.0.2)?
Basically whenever I make changes/updates you need to delete the copy you were using and make a new copy of the latest version.

If still not working can you copy/paste your rotation macro and your cross skill macro in a post?
I'll try to make a walktrough video tomorrow just in case.
I have figured out the problem! In your instructions it says to save it as "tab seperated" when it should be "comma-seperated"
When I saved the End Result sheet as comma-seperated and then changed the name/extension to .LUA it worked like a charm in the bot!
Might consider changing the instructions :P

Thanks so much for this! Saves alot of time...I no longer have to manually enter every skill in the bot XD

Edit --- worked once and not its broken again lol...i dont understand whats going on.
Now just to make it a simple paste into a website and hitting the download button....>=]
@Rurouni    Found what the issue was.... I think.

When you copy/paste the cross skill macro make sure to copy it in it's entirety. It needs the last line for it to work
----> /echo Cross-class action setup complete <se.1>

For the skill rotation it does not mater but you can leave it. I added a formula that strips it either way.

Also, it seems that I had some incorrect info in my skill database, the "Name of" and "Brand of" in the type section should have been "1" instead ot "9"
I've corrected them and the rotations that you posted earlier now work. Sadly I haven't found anywhere where I can find this info so it's a little bit of a guess.
So if it breaks due to using new skills in your cross-skill rotations this may be why. (you can try changing them yourself to test)

You can copy the new version 2.0.3, I left it with the rotations you had posted and they worked for me now.

I've updated the first post accordingly. Thanks for everything on testing and feedback, it's much appreciated!!!

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