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grind markers
I am trying to create a marker list that will grinds mob of a certain level for example, if the character is level 1 until she reaches level 2 she would grind in a marker then switch to the next at level 3, etc, but I don't know why she does the first marker fine but then gets stuck there doing nothing and doesn't go to the next marker. I made some screenshots of my settings and attached it, I checked the console and i keep getting the message:
"[AddEvacPoint]: Evac point was not added, there is already one very close."

I tried editing the markers manually but it only goes to the first one how can I fix it so it goes to the next marker after reaching x level ?

this is my marker

id = 133,
mapid = 148,
maxcontentlevel = 2,
maxlevel = 2,
maxradius = 100,
mincontentlevel = 1,
minlevel = 1,
name = "Grind 1",
order = 1,
pos =
h = -2.1165196895599,
x = 66.712394714355,
y = 4.2281503677368,
z = -207.05027770996,
started = 1526054720,
type = "Grind",
whitelist = "37;49",

blacklist = "",
duration = 0

any help is appreciated!

Ok I finally figured out what was wrong.. if I want it to go to a marker at level 3 I have to set min level at 2 for some reason, and if I want it to stay there until level 5, I have to set it at level 4.. and also I had to add a duration otherwise it would just stand there after reaching the max level set. oh and i also had to whitelist the monsters I want the character to attack.

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