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Time Machine - Test Results / Summary
The tests were over already end of last week, but it took a while to dig through the gathered data.

First, a big thanks to everyone who participated! Superman
Your 'contributions' have been saved in our database and once we got everything around the crypto topic in place, they will show up in your account.
We are going to add different options in the near future (internal and external, cpu and gpu), that everyone can use ( CAN, NOT MUST @ppl being afraid of it :P ) , and of course we are going to show how much you have acquired already.

Now to the results:
  • To my personal surprise, an actually high amount of users is actually able to use this function.
  • Considering that the tests were limited to 'only CPU', we can expect that the final version will be used by more people.
  • 20% of the users who took part, had enough CPU power that they accumulated 0.10 - 0.50€ (heavily depends on the XMR-EUR exchange rate of course) over these 4 days of testing while running it avg. 40hours.
  • Another 20% was able to get between 0.05 - 0.10€.
  • The average mining speed was 97.40H/s.
  • Just a hand full of people had the fastest systems, 843H/s - 1624H/s. But they ran it only for a few minutes, testing it I guess.
All in all the tests were a success. We are very happy you helped us testing the system, and as I said above already, we are going to credit your accounts once we finished the implementation of all the surrounding parts that are needed.
Great news
nice job!
Will the 6 threads limit be unlocked for people having more available cpu threads?
Right now i can't understand how can you get 1624 h/s with 6 cpu threads. Even i9 cpus oc'ed to 7ghz can't reach this.
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there was no lock on that, it was an auto calculation of how much threads your system had ..was there something wrong ? if so, put up an issue in the xmrig github ;)
nope, the lua part was allowing me 6 threads. The official one allows me to mine with my 16 threads
Revolt, Dominion, Dailies, Poacher, Navigator, FPH & Scenery support on Bottox Discord.

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