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Translate Translate & Crypto Payments
Hello fellow Minions,

2x news today:
  1. MinionApp allows Crypto Payments now. (Feedback needed)
  2. GW2Minion was updated with a nice new 'Let's finally start to fully localize and translate everything in the Bot" - system. Pig
How does this new Translate Helper work ?
  • Click the MMOMinion button -> Languages -> Any other language but English.
  • A new window will show up, explaining what you have to do.
  • The translations are locally saved on your computer as well as uploaded to our fancy new ( hopefully stable soon lol ) MinionDB where your translation is stored and shared with all other users.
  • Every time you restart the bot, you are getting an updated list of translations.
  • This way, we are going to have everything (old and new) perfectly translated in no time.
  • If you think it is funny to translate something into 'bad words', be assured we know who sent the 'funny' translation...

If the Translation Helper works good, I'm going to push that same system also to FFXIV.

We have just one little problem with FFXIV and the often used ACT Addon, it has a bug that will make it blow up it's memory to whatever you have available and then crash everyting. IF someone knows that ACT Dev or has some way of contacting him, please let him know that he should take into account other programs that are also sending/receiving network data from ffxiv, and that he has to PROPER handle these cases instead of causing it to explode.

More awesomeness come Cutesmile
(06-27-2018, 12:13 PM)fxfire Wrote:  你好伙伴Minions,

  1. MinionApp现在允许加密付款。(需要反馈)
  2. GW2Minion更新了一个不错的新功能'让我们终于开始完全本地化并翻译Bot中的所有内容 - 系统。 Pig
  • 单击MMOMinion按钮 - >语言 - >除英语之外的任何其他语言。
  • 将出现一个新窗口,说明您必须执行的操作。
  • 翻译在本地保存在您的计算机上,并上传到我们的新奇(希望很快稳定lol)MinionDB,您的翻译存储并与所有其他用户共享。
  • 每次重新启动机器人时,您都会获得更新的翻译列表。
  • 通过这种方式,我们可以立即完美地翻译所有内容(旧的和新的)。
  • 如果你认为将某些内容翻译成“坏词”很有趣,请放心,我们知道是谁发送了“有趣”的翻译......


我们只有一个小问题, FFXIV和经常使用的ACT插件,它有一个错误,它会把它的内存炸成你可用的任何东西然后崩溃。如果有人知道,ACT开发或有接触他的一些方法,请让他知道他应该考虑到,也发送/从FFXIV接收网络数据考虑其他的方案,而且他有PROPER处理这些案件,而不是导致它的爆炸。


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