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Sebb's 1-70 All classes Gatherer Help
Hello, I'm trying to use this add on I bought to lvl BTNY and was working semi fine until I hit The 60's my gear is fine, I'm trying to gather Beech Logs (COL) and I can get them without the use of the bot, however the bot doesnt use any of its abilities for some reason, I'm using the "Levelling" Menu to do this rather than the List. It'll just gather normal logs because it's not getting the Collectability up high enough due to it not using any abilities. Please help. my profile is set to either Gather collectables 1 or 2 and it's definitely set to "Beech Logs (Col)" my Gathering is 734 and my Perception is 715.
How much Gp?
full screen screenshot
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your perception is to low to use skills for that profile.
you can alter the requirement of the skills or use custom task profile.

your pic shows a different item being collected than the selection your showing.
it also shows your char name.
[Image: WjJNPiQ.png]
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AH I didnt know I could edit skills, theres a lot of menus on this, hard to find everything thank you.

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