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New Settings Profiles System
[Image: 21e6d0l.png]

A new reworked Settings Profile System is available now.
What's new ?
  • The old system randomly reset all your settings to default, this one is (hopefully) working stable.
  • is always available and shared between all characters, independent of gamestate or current character.
  • is limited to the currently selected character. It is not available in main menu or other none-ingame-states.
  • You can find your (old) and new settings in MINIONAPP\Bots\XXXMinion64\MinionFiles\Settings\
  • UI Style is separated now from the Settings Profiles.
  • In a next step, we'll make your settings profiles globally available, you are going to have access to your settings profiles from all computers you bot on.

Bugs ?
  • Please post them below and above all, how to reproduce them ... I did test gw2 n ffxiv in a few modes and with different chars and older settings which convert over to the new system, and fixed all issues I came across... but that doesn't mean anything Snicker 

More candy to come Cutesmile
Most OLD settings are not converted to new setting. All salvage, sell, even shortcut key settings are gone.
I wonder if you fixed the navigation meshes problem where it runs into the wall and the problem, when it gets out of mesh it doesn't try to teleport to any waypoint but just stands and doing nothing. I wasted so much time of my keycode ;/
can you let the new character auto select last settings and not auto select the default settings ? (i dont want to always reselect settings when i change charater)
The old system did this !
i hope new system also did this ! but it 's not now.
new characters always used the 'Default' settings. You just have to select it ONCE after you make a new character. Then this is saved and used for all further logins.
but i want to new character always used the last settings profiles from i created. old system did it .
Alright, please update. I fixed the "not loading correct profile once you got ingame from the main menu" , aslo the Server n Datacenter are now proper saved.
All new characters will now use the Default profile. So use that.
All new characters will now use the Default profile ?
i mean all new characters will use the last profile(previous settings profile).
so i dont need reselect setting profiles after change charaters ,because i want to all new characters use the previous settings from old character .

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