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ruby sea big problem
[Image: unknown.png?width=1251&height=677]
when i run grind in ruby sea,the bot into water it will be jumping forever
Same happens to me. I uninstalled the mesh. I'm using the Botox one but now I have to manually start flying or walking in order for the bot to start running or it will stay still.
Yeah is a common problem, after submerging it doesn't gain enough altitude to the surface before trying to move forward which will cause it to dive under water again. Happens on pretty much everything involving flying near or under water in ruby sea.
Please go into the minionbutton -> navigation -> Navigtaion Path -> SHOW PATH,
check if there is a "dive -> surface" loop in the path, or if your guy is just flying super low and accidently hitting the water again, diving .

I kinda need start -> goal coords to test it ...the ones I tested juzst now, are all good on my end.
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