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Looking for new bot
hello everyone,

me an few friends was using another bot until shit hit the fan, we are currently looking at this can any active members let me know how it runs and can I do crafting/farming and shit like that?

any info would be amazing ty ThumbsUp
Welcome former RB lifetime key user ;)

Hop into our chat, where I hope some ppl are there to answer questions

We should make a welcome RB user event, giving each one a 2 day key for getting into our tool harhar, anyone volunteering handing out keys ,) ?

^ this is the other channel, here are more ppl in to talk to
It has a manual crafting mode where you select a single item and can craft it with custom profiles. but nothing like lisbeth yet. Im working on a addon like that but itll be a few months till its out
thank you both for your replys :)
(09-19-2018, 09:02 PM)fferos Wrote:  thank you both for your replys :)

Hey ffferos i was an rb lifetime key user aswell until shit hits the fan and we all got dumped, but i used mmo minion bot aswell at the same time and overall i think mmo minion is better in most ways bur rb had some functions before that this didint have like chocobo race i even made some race mods on rb, but now everything is here in this bot and even better in my opinion. so welcome to the bot upgrade .lol
if you have some question or anything just ask i am a ghaterer and crafter mostly with 2 accounts on Chaos/Zordiark.   Cutesmile

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